Registration Information

If you wish to work as a dental hygienist in Nova Scotia, you must be registered and licensed with the College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia (CDHNS). Registration and licensing with the CDHNS assures the public and employers that an individual has met the academic and other requirements to practice in the profession. 

If you are a graduate of a dental hygiene program, or are about to graduate from a dental hygiene program, and would like to apply to practice in Nova Scotia, please go to one of the links to the right.

When you select the correct webpage, please review the information, and then select the application for registration link to start the application process. 

Practising dental hygiene in Nova Scotia without being registered with the CDHNS, and without holding a Practising Licence, is a punishable offence under the Dental Hygienists Act

We Protect Your Information  

Application files are confidential. Information can only be provided directly to the applicant. Applicants must provide the CDHNS with written authorization before information will be released to a third-party, including employers, spouses, or an agency.

Applicant access to records: Upon written request from an applicant, the applicant is provided with access to any records related to that applicant’s application, other than records or portions of records that Section 12 of the FRPA specifically permits regulating bodies to refuse to provide (e.g., those protected by legal privilege or other existing legislation, to protect the identities of other individuals, or to avoid negative impacts on public safety or the integrity of the registration process.).

Time frames for Processing Applications (Initial and Reinstatement/Re-Licensing) 

Applications are processed in the order in which they are completed. We do our best to process all applications in a timely manner. Typically, applications take about 4-6 weeks to be completed and for individuals to be placed on the CDHNS Register and issued a practising licence. This timing depends on the length of time it takes the applicant to provide all of the necessary documentation and fees. During busier times, e.g., renewals and when multiple new graduates apply, this time frame may be extended. Please inform potential employers of this time frame, so that they can schedule your anticipated start date accordingly.