Fees and Payment

Fees and Payments

The CDHNS licence year runs from November 1 to October 31. Practising licences expire on October 31 of each year. CDHNS registrants must renew their practising licence and pay the required fees each year. 

Below is information on the fees and payment method options.   

If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact the CDHNS at (902)-444-7241 or info@cdhns.ca.


The attached document provides you with a listing of potential application, registration, and licensing fees.

Application fees are due on submission of an application for registration/licensing. Please note: These applications are not reviewed until the application fee is paid. The balance of fees may be paid later. You will be generated a separate invoice for the remaining fees, as your application gets farther along in the process.  

Payment Methods

When you submit any application form, (e.g., application for registration, renewal, or transfer from non-practising to practising), you will be informed about the accepted methods of payment. For all applications, we accept certified cheques or money orders, e-transfers, and credit card payments. When an invoice is generated, it will include further details on how to complete the methods of payment. 

To ensure you are appropriately credited, you will be required to include the following information when submitting payment:

  • The first name and last name of the individual who submitted the application form.
  • This must match the name on the initial application (if this payment is for a first-time applicant) or the name of the CDHNS registrant as it is entered in the CDHNS database.
  • The Invoice number that will be generated following the submission of your application.

Did You Know?

We accept credit card payment through Plastiq.

Using Plastiq, a third-party service provider, you can pay with MasterCard or Visa:

Please note that payments may take 3-5 business days to process and that a Plastiq service fee will be applied (up to 2.9% for credit cards, 1% for debit cards).

Plastiq is also available as an app on iOS devices.

For more information about Plastiq, review Frequently Asked Questions About Plastiq