Continuing Competency

As of Jan 1, 2018, all CDHNS registrants are required to enter and submit continuing competency credit hours online, through the CDHNS Registrant Portal. This applies to:

  • the registrant's current CC Cycle
  • any previous cycle that was in place since Jan 1, 2018

Supporting documentation for each learning activity can also be entered online. The CDHNS strongly encourages this practice. For audit purposes, supporting documentation must be retained for the registrant’s current cycle and previous cycle, and provided upon request.

Below you will find important information about continuing competence, including links to the Continuing Competency Program Requirements, Frequently Asked Questions, and information about online course providers.   


CDHNS CCP Requirements

Review the current CDHNS Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For answers to your questions about the CDHNS CCP Cycles and the requirements.

CCP Decision-Making Tree

Help to determine the category, or if the learning activity is eligible for credit.

Online Learning Activities

Information about online learning activities.

Reflection Document

Complete for virtual learning activities when no post test has been offered, in accordance with CCP Requirements 6.1.5 and 6.3 h. See completed Example 1 & Example 2.

Mentoring Contract Form

Complete and submit to QAC before initiating a mentoring relationship as a professional development opportunity.

Certificate of Attendance

For use when a course provider does not have a certificate of attendance form available. Print off or email for completion.

Applicable Legislation

Specific legislation that applies to continuing competency and quality assurance.