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Code of Ethics

NS Oral Health Regulators DD DH DT Joint IPAC Standards

CDHNS Continuing Competency Program Requirements (Updated Jan 1, 2023)

CDHNS Practice Standards: Virtual Dental Hygiene Services for CDHNS Practising Registrants (Approved by CDHNS Council May 27, 2021)

CDHNS Local Anaesthetic Policies

CDHNS DH Orthodontic Procedures Policies and Requirements for Authorization

CDHNS Permanent Restorative Procedures Policy and Requirements for Authorization

Use of Fluoride in Caries Prevention

CDHNS Best Practices Self Initiation Approved June 2009 - Self-initiation means the dental hygienist determines when it is appropriate to proceed with dental hygiene care. It is synonymous with the term "self-directed clinical practice". Both terms are found in the Dental Hygienists Act and Regulations. Full details are found in the Best Practices document.

CDHNS Best Practices Record Keeping Approved June 2009 - This document is slated for review. Since this document was last approved by the CDHNS Council, the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) for Nova Scotia came into force (June 1, 2013). This provincial law governs the collection, use, disclosure, retention, disposal, and destruction of personal health information. The Act recognizes both the right of individuals to protect their personal health information and the need of custodians to collect, use, and disclose personal health information to provide, support, and manage health care.