Below are the CDNS Registration and Licensing Policies related to placing an individual on the CDHNS Register and issuing a practising licence, upon receipt of a complete application

See Registration Forms and Payments to find the link to the Application form, the fees, and the Application Checklists. 

See Registration Information for the General Registration/Licensing Requirements. 

Registration and Licensing Policies

These policies include timelines and the appeal process. While registration and licensing are separate and distinct matters, as outlined in the legislation, they are merged into one application submission for ease of use for applicants.  

CDHNS Registration Process Overview

CDHNS Licensing Process Overview

CDHNS Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Policy, approved by Council Aug 30, 2021

CDHNS Alternative Information to Required Documentation Policy

CDHNS Privacy Policy, updated policy approved by Council Dec 30, 2021

Translation of Documents to be submitted to the CDHNS 

Documents that are not in English or French must be translated. Applicants are responsible for having their documents translated by a certified translator and providing a certified official translation to CDHNS of the requested documents. Costs will vary depending on the volume of the text. A certified official translation means that a professional (certified) translator takes your document in its original language and translates it into English or French. The professional then places his or her stamp, seal, or special paper on a cover letter attached to the documents themselves or to an electronic version (disk or thumb drive) indicating that it is a true translation of the original language document.

If you had your documents translated for another organization e.g., NDHCB, we will accept a copy of previously translated documents that meet the criteria stated above, if sent directly from that organization.




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