Under the Dental Hygienists Act, the CDHNS is governed by a Council of nine dental hygienists who are registrants of the College, and three public representatives, appointed by the Governor in Council.

An appointed Registrar and administrative staff support the Council.

 CDHNS Organization Chart

Council Members of the College  [Term(s) of Office]

 Updated Council Terms and Positions as of July 1 2021



Registrar - Stacy Bryan
Administrative Assistant -Jasleen Kaur 
Member Services Coordinator - Kelly Hurlburt (2.5 days per week)


CDHNS Executive Committee as of July 1, 2021 (elected annually from among the Council) 

Allison Craig – Chair
Hilary Boudreau - Vice-Chair

Michele Brennan - Executive Member
Shelby Devan - Executive Member

Council's Ownership Linkage Committee - Chair- RaeLynn MacLean


Statutory Committees

Credentials Committee: Chair - Alma Wade
Investigations Committee: Chair - Nancy Berkshire
Hearing Committee: Chair - David Purdy

Other Committees

Member Services Committee: Chair - Andrea Hare
Quality Assurance Committee: Chair - Sydney Nelson
Council, or the Registrar, may appoint other Committees as the need arises.

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