College of Dental Hygienist Award 2017

UntitledCongratulations to Sarah Grant (pictured to the left) who is this year's receipt of the College of Dental Hygienist Award. The award is presented to the student with the highest standing in all subjects. The presentation took place on May 29, 2017 and she received $500. 


Two new awards have been implemented as part of the anniversary celebrations and we’re pleased to announce the recipients. “The awards are meant to engage both clients and dental hygienists, to raise awareness of the profession and grow the resource potential of the College,” says Patricia Grant, registrar.

The first award, sponsored by Steele Subaru, is the You Make Me Smile Award. The College received multiple testimonials from patients in recognition of the value of services received by our members, and the choice was difficult.

You Make me Smile 4Corinna Recker of the Bedford Dental Clinic has been chosen as the first You Make Me Smile Award recipient, based on the testimonial provided by Tim Fulton. “Years ago I was disillusioned with dental visits in general. I had a bad experience while in the military and shied away from  them altogether for quite a long time. Sure enough I had some trouble with my teeth. Corinna was the dental hygienist I saw. Her bubbly personality, knowledge of her specialty and tender treatment of me gave me the confidence to resume dental treatments and gave me back my smile. For this I thank her very much and if I had children or anyone who needed help, I would not hesitate to refer them to her. She is a credit to her profession and in my opinion deserves this and any other awards being given. I have continued seeing Corinna for over 20 years. She has my greatest praise.” Cheryl Greer, a registered dental hygienist is currently with Steele Subaru, will present the award to Corinna.


Steele Subaru rep Cheryl Greer, Award Winner Corinna Recker and Membership Services Committe Chair Rosemary Bourque at the conference on June 8th.

The second award, sponsored by Sunstar GUM, is the Ambassador of the Year Award. Our ambassadors highlight the profession in the public eye by exploring opportunities for alternative practice settings , utilize a broader scope of practice as oral health providers and promoters, client advocates, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs or employees in a variety of ways. This may be through volunteering to providing community education on oral health or the profession or otherwise promoting the profession to the public.

The Ambassador of the Year award is presented to a dental hygienist who has utilized the Resource Centre, providing education and supporting the community outreach objectives of the College, to the fullest in the past years.

Jenn and HIlary 2This year’s award is being presented to Hilary Boudreau. “Hilary not only visits groups in surrounding communities to promote the profession and provide education, she also is one of the first to respond when the call is put out by the College for volunteers,” explains Jenn MacKay Myra, the Resource Centre coordinator. Grant agrees. “In our challenge to have dental hygienists recognized as front-line health providers by government and the public, we need the support and voice of each and every one of our members, in all areas of the province, and Hilary is a role model in that quest.” The College welcomes Hilary as our guest for the AGM and CE Conference.

Award winner Hilary Boudreau with CDHNS Administrative Assistant and Resource Centre coordinator Jenn MacKay-Myra.

Thank you to all who promoted our awards and contributed to the success of not only this campaign, but to the overall growth of the College and the Profession.


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