Legislation Enables Collaborative Self-Regulation

On November 22, 2012, Nova Scotia became the first province to introduce legislation enabling regulated health professions to work together more efficiently and effectively in the public interest. This new legislation, entitled the Regulated Health Professions Network Act, enabled the 21 regulated health professions in the Province to voluntarily collaborate, when deemed appropriate, in regulatory processes related to the investigation of complaints, interpretation and/or modification of scopes of practice, and review of registration appeals.

There has been a strong history of collaboration and cooperation among regulated health professions in Nova Scotia, and in 2007 a number of the regulators formed the Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network (the Network) for the purposes of sharing information and promoting best regulatory practices. Since then, the Network has grown to include representation from all 21 regulated health professions in the province, and with the introduction of the new Regulated Health Professions Network Act was incorporated as a legal entity.

Members of the Network, including CDHNS, believe this formal recognition of collaborative self-regulation builds upon, and enhances, the regulatory system already in place. The Network provides members with an opportunity to collaborate at the regulatory level in a manner that compliments and supports the delivery of safe, quality health care provided by inter-professional collaborative practice teams.

The Regulated Health Professions Network Act was proclaimed September 10, 2013.





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