National Dental Hygienists Week™ (NDHW™) took place this year on April 6‒12, 2019 as part of Oral Health Month in Canada. This week emphasized “Oral Health for Total Health. Dental hygienists took the opportunity to remind Nova Scotians that taking care of their mouth, teeth, and gums benefits overall physical and mental well-being. Dental hygienists are oral health experts and primary health care providers. They work in variety of settings that include dental offices, independent dental hygiene practices, public health, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other areas within your community.

As health care superheroes, dental hygienists who provide clinical care examine your mouth, head, and neck at every appointment and offer preventive treatments such as scaling and root planing [debridement], dental sealants, and fluoride. They may also provide dietary recommendations, tobacco cessation counselling, and sports mouthguard fittings. There is a lot of expertise behind that mask! Revised from an excerpt of the CDHA’s Media Release – for full details, see 

During Oral Health Month, the CDHNS took the opportunity to highlight that the mouth is part of the body and that poor oral health can affect many aspects of your quality of life —oral pain, missing teeth, or oral infections can influence the way you speak, eat, or socialize within your community. These oral health problems can also affect your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Let your dental hygienist work with you to improve your oral health and overall health. 

As part of the CDHNS’s commitment to reach all Nova Scotians to get out the messages that oral health is important to overall health and that dental hygienists are an integral partner in helping Nova Scotians achieve oral health, we launched two initiatives during April 2019. Billboards were showcased in two locations during National Oral Health Month — one in Halifax and the other in Sydney. In Nova Scotia regions outside of the billboard locations, during National Dental Hygienists Week™ (April 6-12, 2019), local Tim Horton’s with TVs showed a short ad about dental hygienists serving in your community to help improve oral health/overall health. With the combination of these two initiatives, we were able to access many Nova Scotians throughout the province. We hope you were able to check out a billboard or a Tim Horton’s in your region during these time periods.


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